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The Story


We have been organizing small group tours for like-minded travelers across the globe since 2013. We believe that travel is not only about the destination but with whom you travel. So, we’re bringing together a community of travellers who share common interests and a curiosity to travel around the world.

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From our experience of more than 10 years in Travel, we believe that there’s nothing quite like travelling to an incredible new place with a group of like minded travellers year after year. Where you can escape from everyday life and be free, experience a different culture, have epic adventures, meet new people and make lifelong friends!

Since 2013 we’ve been giving people the best time of their life in some of the world’s most awesome destinations. As travellers ourselves we’re passionate about what we do. For us, it’s not about the money. We do what we do because we love it and because there’s nothing better than seeing our groups having the time of their life!

We organize trips like Backpacking to Europe or Sailing on cruise for a week, Full moon party at Koh phangan, or Chillout at Bali, Bike trip from Delhi to Leh or Base camp to Mt Everest, Hot Air Balloon in Turkey or Party in Prague. Any place where you can enjoy, we are doing that…..!

Travel With The COOLIEST People


Neha Bhansaly Golchha - Founder of Travel Khiladi. She has more than 7 yrs experience in HR but believes one can achieve their dream anytime. Already travelled lots of places in India and International, now she want to spend most of her time to interact with like-minded travelers, help them to plan and join exciting trips and be a part of Travel community.

Manish Golchha - Engineer by education, traveler by choice. Worked for Thomas and Club Mahindra for more than 5.5 years and as of now founder of Blissful Holidays and Travel since 2011.

Already visited more than 20 Countries with over all experience of more than 10 yrs in travel industry. Planned more than 20 trips till now since Feb 2013 ( Europe, Coorg to Turkey).

Thanks for checking out Travel Khiladi. You’re always welcome to email me with feedback and ideas at